Respect the server and its builds.
* All builds are private unless marked otherwise.
* Repair any damage, accidental or not, caused by you or creepers/mobs as a result of your presence in any given area.
Do not steal.
* ALL chests should be treated as private unless they are labelled FREE by the original owner.
* Don't take anything that isn't yours.
No Cheating.
* No usage of hacked clients, x-ray or anything to gain a personal, unfair advantage over other players.
Treat other players and staff with respect.
* We have a 0 tolerance hate-speech policy.
* No PvP unless mutually agreed upon.
* Do not advertise.
* Intentional mute evasions will result in a ban.
* Staff has final say on all rules. The Rules are in place to make the server and community a safe, stable, and welcoming place.
The full rules can be found at
The answer to the final question is "birb"